The UC Davis Cosmology Group will host COSMO 06. It is supported in part by the Department of Energy, the UCD Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, the UCD Department of Physics, and Carolyn and Timothy Ferris/The Swig Foundation.

Dates: September 25-29 2006 with a welcome dinner on September 24th.

Cosmo06 Talks Available Online

Click here to view the current talks available online. For a list of all talks given, go to the Program page.

*If you gave a talk at Cosmo06, please email your talk here.*


The Granlibakken Conference Center Lodge situated in the Sierra Nevada Mountains close to lake Tahoe.

Plenary Speakers Include:

  • Katsushi Arisaka
  • Dick Bond
  • Paolo Creminelli
  • Csaba Csaki
  • Olivier Doré
  • Ruth Gregory
  • Jackie Hewitt
  • Henk Hoekstra
  • Dragan Huterer
  • Shamit Kachru
  • Manoj Kaplinghat
  • Andrei Linde
  • Barth Netterfield
  • Nikhil Padmanabhan
  • Joe Polchinski
  • Lisa Randall
  • Adam Riess
  • Michael Turner
  • Neil Turok
  • Neil Weiner
  • and David Wittman.

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